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The success of your Fire Protection Strategy is dependent upon appropriate and well maintained fire detection and prevention equipment.

Uny Systems offers you everything you need to minimise the likelihood and effects of fire in your business.

Detecting and Containing Fire

Whether you need a straightforward smoke detector, a bespoke addressable networked system or specialist fire suppression equipment Uny Systems can meet your needs.

Fire Detection Systems, Fire Suppression, Central Monitoring including RedCare

Reducing Your Risk

If your Fire Detection and Prevention equipment doesn’t work, it won’t protect you or your employees. Uny Systems will help you save lives.

Regular Maintenance, Servicing


Dealing With Fire

Ensure that you can deal with fire should you need to face it. Uny Systems will make sure you’re safely equipped.

Fire Extinguishers, Blankets

Escaping From Fire

Make sure that your building is easy to evacuate in case of fire. Let Uny Systems show you the way.

Emergency Lighting, Nurse Call Systems, Fire Safety Signs


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Products & Services


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